There are many benefits to exercise. Better stamina, lower risk of injuries and physical shape. Exercise also helps with stress reduction. Something most people don’t think about when it comes to stress is that by not exercising or not doing something you said you would make every effort to start will cause stress due to… [Continue Reading]

020516 Your Excuse is invalid

Tube Plank Tricep Kickback Video

In this video Bob demonstrates a Tube Plank Tricep Kickback that works the Triceps (of course!) and the core.   by

020316 Tube Plank Tricep Kickback

What is Stress?

We all suffer from stress, but do you know what it really means? According to Google stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” In today’s culture, though, it seems like we’ve changed the definition of stress to “issues we have to deal with daily.”… [Continue Reading]

020116 Stress

Get Nutty!

Have you considered eliminating dairy milk from your diet? Maybe you already have and now drink one of the popular nut milks. Bob and I haven’t consumed dairy milk in several years. We discovered almond milk and love it. If you’re still considering eliminating it from your diet these facts may lead you to make… [Continue Reading]

012916 Dairy-free milk


I really like this quote from Thomas Edison – the inventor of the incandescent light bulb.  In your quest for health keep trying – you will find what works for you!  by

012616 10000 ways that don't work

Rock Your Nutrition with Minerals

Your multivitamin probably contains minerals but do you know what they’re for? We probably don’t pay too much attention to them, but research has shown that the majority of people are deficient in some of the macro minerals, particularly magnesium. These are considered macro because your body needs them in larger amounts and include calcium,… [Continue Reading]

012516 Minerals

“Healthy” Foods that Aren’t

Marketers are very savvy and in order to sell something they will, shall we say, stretch the truth. Millions of us fall for the “healthy” marketing campaign and start eating something, but we don’t notice any weight loss, more energy, more focus, or whatever it was we thought might happen (or what those sneaky marketers… [Continue Reading]

012216 Get Healthy