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How to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

In my past blogs this month, I’ve written about getting started to eat nutritiously. Bob has written about getting started on a fitness plan as well and has demonstrated some great exercises in his videos. Now that you’ve gotten started, how do you stay motivated? I will do well for a week, maybe even two,… [Continue Reading]

042516 Motivation

Homemade Exercise: No More Couch Potato

When it comes to exercise it can sometimes be difficult getting started or finding the time. In today’s blog I want to give you some ways you can exercise with things around the house. This will be helpful for those times when the weather is bad or you are rushed to get in some exercise… [Continue Reading]

042216 plank

Black Bean Brownies (Really!)

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical about make brownies using black beans, but I like to try new things.  After tasting them, I’m hooked.  I’ve been using gluten-free baking mixes for my baking, however, I don’t much like them because they use starchy ingredients like potato flour, tapioca flour, and rice flour. … [Continue Reading]

042016 Black Bean Brownies

Getting Started: Plan for the Unexpected

So you’ve planned your meals, snacks, and scheduled your workout times and BAM! something unexpected happens that throws your schedule off or stresses you to the point of giving up and eating a whole batch of cookies. You’ve lost momentum and motivation. What can you do? One of the keys to be successful in reaching… [Continue Reading]

041816 evil plan

Celebrate Healthy Habits not Restrictions!

I recently wrote about Getting Started: Nutrition for Life. Part of that post included ways to make small changes to help you reach your nutrition goals. Making changes to your diet can be stressful. We know making healthy food choices is key to reaching our goals of losing weight, reducing the risk of disease, and… [Continue Reading]

041516 Celebrate