Friday Funny

Ever feel like there’s an invisible man doing this? by

wonder woman and invisible man

Tube ABC Crunch

Personal Trainer Bob Bader demonstrates the Tube ABC Crunch a dynamic exercise that works the core – abs and obliques.  To get your heart rate up, do 2 – 3 sets of 10.   by

Tube ABC Crunch

Monday Meal: Meatloaf

When  was a kid, I hated meatloaf and I would cover it with ketchup so it was edible. Today, I’m not fond of ketchup and I love meatloaf.  I’ve been using this recipe for many years and tweaking it occasionally as I’ve learned more about healthy eating.  I love this recipe because it includes lots of… [Continue Reading]


Video Exercise: Tube Bicep Curl

Bob demonstrates how to do a bicep curl using an exercise tube.       by

Bicep Curl Snapshot

Crepes/Tortillas/Pasta Replacers

Today’s recipe is very versatile.  A few years ago I came across the website by Danielle Walker.  She used food, specifically eliminating all grains from her diet to heal herself from ulcerative colitis.  An amazing story!  I started following her and trying some of her recipes (her chocolate chip cookie recipe is now the only… [Continue Reading]

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

I recently shared a post on Facebook about Metabolic Syndrome.  It’s also known as Syndrome X which sounds kind of alarming.  I’ve been seeing a lot about this syndrome lately, so I thought I’d research it and share with you what I’ve learned. Metabolic Syndrome isn’t a single disease.  According to the American Heart Association… [Continue Reading]

Heart Healthy Foods

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

We all know that regular exercise is a necessity to achieve great health.  I don’t know about you, but I am sooo not motivated to exercise.  I used to like playing tennis, which is great exercise, but my elbow was injured and so tennis hurts now so it’s not fun.  I have many excuses to not… [Continue Reading]


Acidity and Alkalinity

Balancing acidity and alkalinity in the body is very important to lessen the risk of disease.  Studies have shown that the more acidic the body is the higher the likelihood of it developing diseases like heart disease, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.  It can also lead to digestive issues such as inhibiting absorption of vitamins… [Continue Reading]

pH Scale

Designed to Heal

Our bodies were designed with an amazing ability to heal themselves.  The body is constantly regulating processes to make sure things are working and when something goes out of whack systems are in place to heal it and get the body back to normal. It’s my belief that most diseases can be eliminated via proper… [Continue Reading]

Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee