Almond Pie Crust

Do you like pie?  Are you trying to stay away from wheat?  You can do both with this amazing Almond Pie Crust.  This gluten-free crust is easy to make and can be used deliciously with just about any pie (or cheesecake!)    Let us know in the comments if you liked this!      … [Continue Reading]

Video Exercise: Tube Double Tricep Extension

Bob demonstrates a Double Tricep Extension using an exercise tube.  This is a great way to work the triceps out on both arms at once and in a different way.  More bang for your buck!   by

Double Tricep Extension

Taco Seasoning Recipe

Do you use seasoning mixes?  Did you know that many of them contain corn, wheat, or sugar?  They also usually contain unpronounceable ingredients which indicates they’re created in a lab.  These are reasons I like to make my own.  I can choose high-quality spices and know that there isn’t anything that could interfere with my efforts for the… [Continue Reading]

Video Exercise: Tube Circular Standing Crunch

Bob demonstrates a Circular Standing Crunch using and exercise tube.   by

Tube Circular Standing Crunch

Dilled Egg Salad

We love egg salad.  We usually have just a generic egg salad with mayo, salt, and pepper, so I wanted to change it up for fun.  This Dilled Egg Salad is so amazing!  It’s got a great flavor that is really different from plain egg salad.  We like it served on lettuce or spinach, rather… [Continue Reading]

Lettuce topped with Dilled Egg Salad

Video Exercise: Tube Jumping Chest Press

Bob demonstrates a tube chest press and adds a jump to make it more dynamic.  This will get your heart pumping!   by

Tube Chest Press Jumping Chest Press

Monday Meal: Banana Bread Quinoa

Our Store is Open!!  Click on the Store tab and check out our Metabolism Boosting Program!   Quinoa makes a great breakfast cereal to replace the sugary, wheat-filled boxed cereal we all grew up with.  Quinoa isn’t a grain it’s a protein, so eating it for breakfast means that you’ll stay satisfied and fuller for… [Continue Reading]

Video Exercise: Tube Bow & Arrow

Bob demonstrates a tube exercise: Bow and Arrow.  This is a great exercise for the shoulders and back.   by

Tube Bow & Arrow

Monday Meal: Three Bean Salad

I’ve been on a bean salad kick lately.  Why?  Bob has needed some healthy, tasty, cold meals to take to work.  The couple I’ve tried so far have been absolutely delicious so I’ve wanted to make more. This Three Bean Salad is my latest. Let us know in the comments if you liked this!  [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Three… [Continue Reading]

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Thank You for Your Service

Thank you to all the men and women for their brave sacrifice and service to protect our freedoms. by

Memorial Day