Thank You for Your Service

Thank you to all the men and women for their brave sacrifice and service to protect our freedoms. by

Memorial Day

Video Exercise: Tube Bent Single Arm Punch Out

Hey, Everybody! I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m very sorry.  We had some personal things to take care of and my mom suffered a mild stroke, too.  She’s doing very well, though, so that is such a blessing! But, we’re back and here’s a new video exercise that you can include in your workout.   by

Tube Bent Single Arm Punch Out

Video Exercise: Tube Bent Lat Pulldown

Hey, everybody!  I’m very sorry to have not posted on Monday.  With all the rain we had in a short amount of time last week, our basement was flooded.  I spent most of the day running the carpet cleaner trying to suck up as much water as possible.  THAT was quite a workout.  I’m still feeling… [Continue Reading]

Snapshot Tube Bent Lat Pulldown

Monday Meal: Chickpea Feta Salad

This is a great recipe for summer.  It’s very easy to make and it’s sooooo good!      

Chickpea Feta Salad

Friday Funny

Ever feel like there’s an invisible man doing this? by

wonder woman and invisible man

Tube ABC Crunch

Personal Trainer Bob Bader demonstrates the Tube ABC Crunch a dynamic exercise that works the core – abs and obliques.  To get your heart rate up, do 2 – 3 sets of 10.   by

Tube ABC Crunch

Monday Meal: Meatloaf

When  was a kid, I hated meatloaf and I would cover it with ketchup so it was edible. Today, I’m not fond of ketchup and I love meatloaf.  I’ve been using this recipe for many years and tweaking it occasionally as I’ve learned more about healthy eating.  I love this recipe because it includes lots of… [Continue Reading]


Video Exercise: Tube Bicep Curl

Bob demonstrates how to do a bicep curl using an exercise tube.       by

Bicep Curl Snapshot